Grosvenor Corporate Security



Ensuring our people are safe is paramount to the protection of our business and the services we offer to our clients. We follow the guidance and recommendations laid out by the respective governments in the states in which we operate.

We have developed our policies and protocols based on that guidance as a minimum, aswell as information from the World Health Organisation and other health authorities.

We are acutely aware that the speed of change can be dramatic as we learn more about thevirus and how it reacts. For this reason, we have a committee consisting of the leadership team that meets regularly to discuss the most recent updates, and where appropriate make changes to our procedures.

We have developed a risk assessment and plan for our own staff; however, we understand that this MUST compliment the arrangements which the customer has implemented on site.

It is important the principles of prevention are maintained until such time as the government gives the all clear.

We have updated our safety statement and risk assessment to reference this document.

We have categorised our own and client sites, based upon possible or actual exposure to the virus. This is constantly reviewed.

Working together to supress COVID-19 in the workplace.

Strong communication and a shared collaborative approach between employers and workers is key to protecting against the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. It is also essential to achieve success and maximum buy-in.

Employers and workers will have regular engagement about COVID-19 and preventative measures in the workplace.