Guard Dog Handlers

Security Dogs with Grosvenor Corporate Security

Our Guard Dog Service is operated by Fully trained security professionals who are experienced handlers. The presence of Guard dogs acts as a deterrent for potential intruders and minimizes the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to the site.

Manned Guarding

The benefits of our Manned Security Service are twofold. Security officers deployed at the premises of your organisation act as a deterrent for any potential security breach and ensure that all areas in scope are being actively monitored. Having officers present also means that in the event of any issues arising, you will have a […]

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Our Key Holding & Alarm Response service ensures that a dedicated team that are fully trained in response services and that are familiar with your individual security plan, will be ready to respond should a security breach or an alarm/access issue arise.

Mobile Monitoring

Charter possess a fleet of security vehicles operated by our team of security experts who are fully trained to monitor the perimeter of client locations and be aware of the potential security threats in the surroundings. This is a service that is especially effective for organisations whose locations stretch across vast Geographical areas.

Remote Monitoring

Charter Security operate a dedicated 24-hour control centre from which we monitor your premises. We ensure there is no unauthorised access, that false alarms are not escalated, and that genuine alarms and security breaches are dealt with quickly and appropriately. Our highly trained professionals will act in accordance with procedures in a professional and efficient […]